Sparta OCR

Sparta is an indoor 12 week group-based training program to improve your fitness, technique, skills & experience in any OCR event. Held at The Hub, Letchworth, SG61FP.


At The Hub we have an amazing diverse and unique indoor training facility & qualified coaches to help you gain the fitness & confidence in many challenges you may face during an obstacle course event. You will learn new techniques & skills with the equipment we have accessible to train with & you will notice the improvements & gains you’ll achieve to conquer those OCR challenges ahead. Training will include climbing, pulling, pushing, flipping, dragging, traversing, carrying and running your way to ultimate OCR fitness. Working in a group based environment is also incredibly great fun, motivating & an exciting way to get you in tip top condition.


You do not necessarily have to be interested in getting involved in an OCR event to be able to take part in the 12 week program. If you are looking for a new style of training to gain results, then this is also for you.


Non-Members signing up to the 12-week course – £210


Monthly membership allowing full access to The Hub facilities – £60 per month


Sign up now by contacting us on 01462 682 952 or email Spartan Coaches directly on for more information.


“Would like a weekly class 🙂 really enjoyed it and the instructor was fantastic”

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