Functional training

Functional training is something that we would all benefit from as it enables us to train our bodies to cope with the activities we perform in daily life; lifting shopping bags from the boot of the car, reaching up to make a cup of tea or even bending down to lift up children/grandchildren.


Functional training primarily involves standing up and encouraging movement through all planes of the body and firing up all major muscle groups.


It can include everything from suspension training and kettlebells to balls smashes, battle ropes and even the odd bear crawl!


As the name suggests the aim of the training is to allow the body to work in a functional capacity.


At The Hub we run several functional training classes, such as-

    • Boxing Circuit


    • Tabata


    • Gym Circuit


    • Kettlebells




As usual a great and lovely place to visit and train. I like coaches, people and the facility allowing even outdoor training as we did yesterday, was good fun. So if you after something new to reach your (health & fitness) goals, you should give it a try. See you there then

Basti Siebel

Basti Siebel