About Us

The Hub arrived in Letchworth in September 2014. We have brought a totally different kind of fitness right to your doorstep. Unlike any other gym in the area, our functional approach to training will be something you’ve never experienced elsewhere.

Our first class facility combines top of the line gym equipment with specialty training methods so that whatever kind of fitness you enjoy, you’ll find it here. Whether you are a runner, a weightlifter, love bodyweight training, kettlebell training or boxing, we have the class or kit for you to excel at your passion. Our experienced coaches are on hand to motivate, advise and assist you in becoming a leaner, stronger, fitter you.

What We Offer

The Hub offers training for all ages and abilities. It is absolutely never too late to start exercising or find something new. Whether you’re a seasoned gym goer or just looking to test the water, come in to chat to a coach about how we can help you on your journey. Making the decision to change your diet, lifestyle and general approach to wellbeing can be daunting, but we know you’ve made the right decision by choosing to do it with us!

CrossFit and Sparta OCR are two of our most popular training programmes. CrossFit combines weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and more to get you fitter than ever before. But it is the community that arises from getting together and training together that really makes CrossFit special. Your box (gym) becomes your second home and the other members your second family!

Sparta OCR is the official training programme for Spartan Racing. Spartan knows that absolutely anyone has the ability to run a race, and they created the perfect programme to get you there. The body weight-focused workouts are extremely varied. In an OCR class, you bend, crawl, carry, climb, hang, jump, lift, lunge, pull, push, run, sprint, squat and twist… exactly what your body has been designed to do for over millions of years. Our amazing OCR coaches were awarded Distinction for their contribution to the programme and Coach Joe is one of the most well-known and successful OCR coaches in the country.


Packed up long standing membership of a “nice” chain gym and thought I’d try Spartan SGX. Two sessions in and it’s very hard work, but I love the team atmosphere and group mentality. Staff seem friendly and the rest of the gym looks good. “Dawn patrol” SGX at 0600hrs and evening sessions mean I can fit around my shifts and have free use of the rest of the gym.

Andy Spencer

Andy Spencer